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The stakes are high, time is of the essence and every detail matters—yet neonatal pharmacology often has been a challenging and poorly understood area of pediatrics. Until now.Many pharmacists working in hospital pharmacies today have little or no formal training in neonatology yet they are faced with dispensing medications to this fragile NICU population. NICU Primer for Pharmacists, by Amy P. Holmes, is a unique comprehensive overview of pharmacological treatment and neonatal care puts the information pharmacists, students, and residents need in one place, including strategies for: Selecting the optimal drug at the right dose within hours of recognizing a problem Detecting and correcting product dilutions Overseeing dosing adjustments as patients mature, increase or lose body weightAccommodating for multiple concurrent diseases, dramatic growth, organ maturation and damage and moreMaximizing survival without serious long-term damage and neurodevelopmental delays.NICU Primer for Pharmacists puts the information you need in one place, so you can feel more confident making medication decisions for your tiniest patients. If your team cares for neonatal patients, consider this guide your invaluable resource for safe and effective drug therapy.

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