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Color out the stress. Color in the calm, focus and curiosity. Unique from other adult coloring books, this activity & coloring book is grounded in science and decades of clinical experience, and contains mindfulness exercises and imagery designed to reduce stress, find peace and discover more about yourself. Written and illustrated by clinical psychologist, Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, with a foreword written by New York Times bestselling author, Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Truly Mindful Coloring has 60 peaceful, fun and evocative images for creative expression and relaxation.

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Teachers and administrators can use this workbook-rich with simple, effective lessons, tips, charts, checklists and worksheets developed through Daniel Rechtschaffen's...

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Entertaining and instructive book includes over 40 lifelike vignettes of young music makers ― playing the cello, viola, guitar, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, concert tuba,...

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