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Volume II of this classic two-part reference treats the properties of aromatic compounds: benzene, halogens, phenols, and similar substances. It discusses alkaloids and other types of heterocyclic compounds and concludes with several chapters on organophosphorus and organometallic compounds. Methods of synthetic preparation receive a critical analysis, and many biochemical compounds are described. 1951 edition.

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This annual series continues the cooperative effort to abstract and publish in formula order all the ultraviolet-visible spectra of organic compounds presented in the journal...

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This volume is the fourth c1assified bibliography of organic and organometallic crystal structures prepared by the Crystallographic Data Centre, University Chemical...

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An analysis of the successes and failures of the organic movement, focusing on coalition dynamics, movement-state relations, and market-based strategies for social change. In...

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Volume 4 of Advances in Medicinal Chemistry is comprised of six chapters on a wide range of topics in medicinal chemistry, including molecular modeling, structure-based drug...

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The development of problem-solving skills is fast becoming a key element in many present-day chemistry courses. Problem Solving in Analytical Chemistry is the first in a...

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