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Many Trails== A short story of Garrett Marshall while in Arizona in the 1870's. ***** The full life story of Garrett Marshall is in the novella "The Many Trails of Garrett Marshall." It is now available in eBook or paperback It includes the short story "Many Trails" Easy to read print. The hot Arizona sun was blazin’ down hard, real hard, burnin’ the rocks, the land and a man. A white man, layin’ flat on his belly on the rocks, burnt, tired and a mite scared. A lone white man, in the middle of ’pache country, layin’ there waitin’, waitin’ for three ’pache warriors he knew were still on his trail. Knowin’ they were close the ’paches were real careful people. They knew he had no water, he was tired and on foot. Hungry and hot, the sun burnin’ out the little water left in him. The ’paches knew all this. They knew the land; they knew how to track their prey and how the land could treat a man. They knew when his tracks ended below the cluster of rocks that the trail had been dusted. Now they were the prey. The Winchester cracked three times from the rocks above. Garrett Marshall knew he had ended the trails of two of them. The third still hung to his pony as it disappeared behind a gatherin’ of rocks. To make it out of here alive, Marshall needed one of them ponies. Slidin’ down along the rocks, trying to keep as much cover as possible, a rolling stone made him turn in time, in time to feel the slashin’ blade slit his arm and in time to squeeze off a shot into the gut of his third hunter. Also available in eBook and paperback by CR Wilson "the Days of Rains (the Legend of Johnny Rains)" - "Moon on the River." - "Deep in the Hearts of Texans" - "For Love or Money" Gabe Harrison, Frontiersman (the Series) ******* Please leave a review.

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